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Calcutta painters, the seeds of which were shown in 1963 by a group of young artists , turns 50 today. This exhibition marks its golden jubilee. The ICCR, Kolkata, has kindly lent two of its galleries for the exhibition and the auditorium for its inaugural ceremony.

Over this half a century, Calcutta Painters has traversed a long way. Many of its distinguished painters passed away, some have left the group, many new artists have joined. At the beginning of 1963 eight artists formed a group and called it as ‘Calcutta 8’. This eight were Rabin Mondal, Prokash Karmakar, Bijan Chowdary, Nikhil Biswas, Gopal Sanyal, Mahim Roodra, Gunbritt Roodra and Bimal Banerjee.

Calcutta Painters


In January 1964, the group held an exhibition at the AIFACS gallery and raised quit a storm. That made Calcutta 8 renamed itself as Calcutta Painters.

Only two those founder members are still with us-Rabin Mondal and Prokash Karmakar. Preliminary work for the golden jubilee celebration started in 2012. An art workshop, a seminar and an exhibition were held on march 22-25, 2012 at Fortune Park Panchabati (Santrangachi, Howarh). The theme was an appraisal of Rabindranath Tagore’s Compositions-the group’s homage to the bard’s 150th birth anniversary- the exhibition and discussion christened as Sakal Raser Dhara (The stream of all rasas). In 2013 there was a drawing workshop under the auspices of Gallery Gold, Kolkata.


Calcutta Painters in now a compact body with old and new artists-the wisdom of the old and the energy of the new providing the driving force. Exhibition, art workshop and publications are being planned to take the group forward. The Golden Jubilee publication of Calcutta Painters continue two reprints of essays which were published in the souvenir that was brought out during the exhibitions at Lalit Kala Academy of Delhi and Birla Academy of Kolkata in 1971-72. These valuable essays were written by Ahi Bhusan Malik and Rabin Mondal. Prokash Karmakar and Mrinal Ghosh have contributed two articles to this publication and Jogen Chowdhary has given the idea of the fifty year’s logo.